Jio 5G: Plans, SIM, When will Jio launch 5G in India? Jio 5G IndiaWhat is Jio 5G welcome offer? What are the 5G bands purchased by Jio? Which are the cities where Jio 5G will be launched first? What is 5G standard in India?

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jio 5g plan launch Jio 5G 5G spectrum auction in India is finally over. The auction ended with a record bid of ₹1.5 lakh crore. Major participants of the auction were India’s leading telecom operators – Jio, Airtel, Vi (Vodafone-Idea), and a new entrant, Adani Data Network. Jio tops the list with the highest bid of Rs 88,000 crore.

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Airtel is at the second position with ₹43,000 crore, Vi is on the third spot with ₹18,899 crore, and Adani Data Network is at the back. Since Jio spent the most on bidding, almost double that of Airtel 5G, can we expect better 5G from Jio? And when can we expect Jio to launch 5G in India? Let us answer all these questions in this article.

Reliance Jio announced its 5G service on August 29, 2022. Jio 5G network rollout starts on October 5, 2022 by invitation only in 4 cities.
The 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries (RIL) was held on August 29, 2022. During the Annual General Meeting, Reliance Jio announced its 5G services called Jio True 5G.

PM Narendra Modi launched 5G services in India at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022 on 1 October. The Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani was also present at the event. He said that Jio will bring affordable 5G services to all parts of the country by December 2023. 5G services are now starting in 4 cities (Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai) through invitation.

Jio will launch 5G services based on Standalone (SA) architecture in multiple cities. The rollout will start from October 5, 2022. The telecom company further said that they will deliver 5G to every city in India by December 2023.

The initial rollout will be limited to metro cities where Jio will conduct pilot testing of 5G. It will take about 2 to 3 months for Jio to bring 5G to more cities of India. We can expect Jio 5G to arrive in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of India by the end of this year.

After Jio 5G is rolled out, the My Jio app may add an option to check 5G network coverage. This will help the users to check the availability of 5G network in their area.

Once the 5G network coverage is expanded in the country, Jio will launch an ultra-affordable 5G phone in collaboration with Google. We have covered everything about Jio Phone True 5G here.

Jio has announced Jio True 5G Welcome Offer, where users can avail unlimited 5G data up to 1Gbps+ speed. Sadly, the welcome offer is only valid for select users (via invitation) in select cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Varanasi). The welcome benefit is available to beta trial users who have received an invitation to experience Jio True 5G.

Who will be invited to experience Jio 5G?

To receive 5G invites from Jio, your SIM must be purchased in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. If you are an eligible subscriber, the operator will send an invite mentioning “Jio 5G Welcome Offer” via SMS. It looks like Jio will randomly select users for the beta trial.

Jio was the highest bidder among all the telecom operators participating in India’s 5G spectrum auction. Jio spent a total of ₹88,078 crore on bidding. Jio also has the widest spectrum pan India. For 5G bands, Jio has bought 5G bands in all popular frequencies. Geo low-band frequencies like 700 MHz (N28), 800 MHz (N5), 1800 MHz (N3), 3300 MHz (N78) and high-band frequency (mmWave) 26 GHz (N258) will support. ,

Jio has clarified that it will bring 5G connectivity across the country. To do this, Jio will use the cost-effective 700 MHz sub-GHz frequency band. Jio is also planning to get the premium mmWave 26 GHz band in all 22 circles of India. If you want to know the 5G band on your new 5G phone, then check out how to check phone’s 5G band.

Jio plans to roll out 5G in India by 2022. This rollout will start from metropolitan cities first. Jio will later expand it to hundreds of Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. According to the latest report, Jio will initially roll out its 5G services in 4 cities. These are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Other metros including Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Lucknow and Pune may experience 5G in Phase II. It is to be noted, Jio may launch 5G network in select areas of these cities. Hence, not every citizen of these cities can avail 5G services.

Do you need a new SIM card to use Jio 5G?
You will probably need a new Jio 5G SIM to access the 5G network. Jio has created a standalone 5G, that is, a new infrastructure for 5G. Since “Standalone 5G” does not depend on the existing 4G network, you will not be able to continue with your 4G SIM card to enjoy 5G services. jio standalone 5g new

Twerk will provide cheaper, faster, and more powerful services than the competitor’s NSA 5G network.

So to upgrade your existing 4G SIM to a 5G-enabled SIM, you will probably need to visit the nearest customer care center or retail store. In addition, there may also be an SMS feature where users will send an SMS to upgrade their SIM to 5G support from their currently active 4G SIM. Telecom operator may launch a dedicated portal for 4G to 5G SIM upgrade service.

If Jio makes any future statement, we will let you know. So make sure you watch for any updates on this space.

Update October 4: No need to change your SIM card

Jio has announced the True 5G beta testing program to get user-experience feedback. The operator has confirmed that beta trial users do not need to replace their existing Jio SIM.

A Jio official told ET Telecom that a 5G smartphone or tablet will automatically display 5G network availability once Jio’s 5G is available in your area. To avail 5G services, you can use your existing Jio 4G SIM card through an opt-in option. So users can upgrade to 5G network without changing their current 4G SIM.

It looks like Jio will initially use its existing LTE technology (NSA mode) to deploy 5G networks; Later, they will switch to SA architecture.

Read 5G SIM card in India: Do you need a new SIM for 5G? For a more detailed overview.
What download/upload speed will we get with Jio 5G?
Jio has so far tested 5G in 8 different cities. A recent report by 91Mobiles shows that Jio has achieved 8x faster speeds than 4G in Mumbai. Tests showed download speeds of up to 420Mbps and upload speeds of up to 412Mbps. As far as mmWave or mid-band (sub-6GHz) 5G band is concerned, we don’t have any information about it. However, Jio will definitely bring higher frequency bands as well, which will offer better speeds than the sub-GHz band.

network download speed upload speed
Jio 5G 420Mbps 412Mbps
Jio 4G 47Mbps 26Mbps
What will be the cost of Jio 5G plan?